carol ross
In my work, as in my life, it’s all about the individual. More precisely, it’s about the things that we as individuals hold in common. Shared emotions and the universality of icons and rituals. I’m fascinated with the houses we inhabit, the religious icons we sanctify and the objects that we treasure. These are the things that bring us comfort and let us feel safe.

The human figure has been my focus for as long as I’ve been making work. I’m drawn to the endless differences in our bodies that at once individuate and announce our commonality. It seems to me that the things that fill our lives—our homes, the people we love and hate, the treasures we save—are part of us, of our bodies.

Recently I’ve been interested in boxes, and I think that everyone has had a special box; it was where we hid our treasure, kept our secrets. The cigar box of childhood, the Band-Aid tin that was coffin to a dead bird, the wooden box my father made for me, a jewelry box with a twirling ballerina and a secret compartment . . . these will always be special places that hold the treasure of memories.

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